Thank you for your help. You were amazing!

Hello Shelby, 
My husband and I and Lisa got to see the marker before the snow came, although it was a cloudy day.  I think they did it just as we envisioned, very pleased with the marker. Thank you for your help you were/are amazing . So blessed to work with you.
Thank you (((Hugs))) Jeanne

The inscription looks lovely.

Thank you, Shelby. The inscription looks lovely.

Diana Dohrmann

Still in awe--

Still in awe of the work you guys did for my Dad’s memorial. I am forever grateful for it, it’s perfect.

Jennifer Eleanor

I know we came to the right place.

I know we came to the right place.

Marcos Hernandez

You did a wonderful job!

Thank you SO much, Shelby! You did a wonderful job!

Priscilla Hazelwood

See the Quality &
First Hand. tools of the trade