Individual One Person Mausoleum

Many families choose to build private above ground mausoleums. An individual mausoleum is designed and constructed to accommodate one person. The design options are endless. Our mausoleums are custom built with unsurpassed construction to last forever. They are perpetually warranted and constructed like no other.


I wanted to stop by and give you a review because of your kindness and professionalism. In 2019, you helped me do my dad’s headstone and I just wanted to say thank you for all your help. My dad’s stone is still beautiful and the artwork was perfect. Most of all you made it possible! God bless you and stay healthy and safe.


Artwork was Perfect

They do a great job. So kind and helpful.

-June Pidgeon Trickett

So kind and helpful.

New experience for me. Much better than expected. You were sincerely kind and helpful. Even made suggestions to help cut costs.

-Ronda Hodge

Sincerely Kind and Helpful


Customer who just completed a purchase and installation with your direct report Shelby Molohon checking in with some praise for your excellent employee.

Been a lucky man so far as I have not needed to purchase a memorial. Phillips Academy staff in Andover, MA referred me to Shelby a couple of months ago. I’ve been in business for 35 years and dealt with literally hundreds of vendors. Happy to report that Shelby is the BEST supplier I have ever encountered.

He was patient, helpful and generous with his time through this difficult period of preparing to inter BOTH of my parents. He went over and above in helping us get the monument in place for a June 15th service.

Shelby has the uncanny ability to turn a difficult purchase into a pleasant experience.

So, you have a real gem in your company. If I still had my marketing agency, I’d try to steal him away.

Thought you should know


Tim Regan

Turned a difficult purchase into a pleasant experience.

It looks wonderful! Took my mom by and she really liked it! Thank you for all you’ve done.

-Diane Brown

Thank you for all you’ve done.

Hi Shelby,

Just a quick note to say that my family was able to visit my mom and dad’s resting place this past Sunday. The headstone looks great and nice to know it will be there a long time. Thanks for the fine work, it is much appreciated.

All the best,

Tom Frackiewicz

It is nice to know it will be there a long time.

Thank you very much once again. You have been nothing short of being very professional and I appreciate it a lot.

Thanks Again,

Joshua Desrosier

Very Professional!

It looks wonderful.

-Mrs. Hajjar


I know we came to the right place.

-Marcos Hernandez

The Right Place

Still in awe of the work you guys did for my Dad’s memorial. I am forever grateful for it, it’s perfect.

-Jennifer Eleanor

Still in awe.